Life Coaching FAQs

As your Life Coach I will be using various tools to help you focus on your specific preferences, needs, goals and objectives. My goal in using these tools is to make it possible for you to take ownership of your behaviors, actions, and life. These tools include but are not limited to the following.

  • Telephone conversations
  • Online interactions
  • Journaling
  • Goal-tracking
  • Hypnosis
  • Homework assessments
  • Email correspondance
Journaling is an excellent coaching tool. It allows you to capture your thoughts at any given moment, to express those thoughts and feelings in a safe environment in a constructive manner. Journaling allows you to gain greater self-awareness. Journaling is a proven method shown to be effective in providing focus, improving health, and reaching goals more quickly. Your journal entries are an important part of our work together.
Identifying what you “really” want is critical. Often times we know the results of getting what we want, but we don’t have a clear idea of the actual outcome that will lead us to that result. As your Life Coach I will help you identify your desired outcome and then design a plan, together with your input, that will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Setting goals and charting your progress is how you will create the motivation necessary to identify each “next step” as we create a clear actionable path to success.

I have assessments for you to fill out and I will ask you many, many questions about where you are, where you want to be, what has kept you from being where you want to be, and more. These assessments will help us plot a clear plan of action to help you see where you want to be and how, together, we can get you there.

We will meet weekly and will always start with a conversation about your activities and observations for the week. Each week we will re-establish where you’re at and what the best “next-steps” will be. The coaching program we design is not a one-size-fits-all, it is specifically designed for you and will be updated and modified on a weekly basis as needed.

I may develop an assessment for you that will help to identify your values and goals for the next six months. I may develop an assessment to help identify both perceived and real limitations to the attainment of your outcome. These assessments will guide our work together. Depending on your specific situation, I may have you fill out an assessment to shine the light on your struggles or stress from having too much to do. I may ask you to fill out an assessment outlining how you currently prioritize your time and activities.

These assessments allow us to create a plan that will align with your values and priorities as we pinpoint obstacles, challenges, and unskillful beliefs. These coaching assessments are an important and integral way of measuring your progress and planning each “next step” toward realizing your outcome.

Yes. This is how you are going to grow and learn and expand beyond where you are! Rest assured, your homework will NOT be a collection of busy work tasks, but rather a collection of activities allowing you to take action in this critical process. Consistent homework is the ideal way to get into the habit of taking concrete action. Your homework assignments will be specific, measurable, and relevant to the work we are doing together in our weekly meetings.

Completing your homework each week creates accountability and gives you the nudge to follow through on your commitment of taking action toward reaching your outcome. This is about follow-through, and I will be there cheering you on every step of the way.

  • You will show up on time for each weekly session, ready to be coached
  • You will share with me any information that may affect your progress
  • You will remain open and honest, and ready to try new things
  • You will take responsibility for keeping up to date with your homework and other assigned tasks

Our weekly meetings will be online via Zoom. I find this to be a much more efficient use of my time and yours. Neither of us has to plan time for driving, parking, and waiting in the waiting room. You will be responsible for scheduling your weekly appointments with me. You also have access to me via email 24/7, seven days/week. I prefer not to use texting for business interactions.

Everything we do together will be online including scheduling appointments, submitting assessments, homework, progress reports, and making payments. All documents pertaining to our work together will be held in a secure file folder.

This allows me to respond to you in a timely and efficient manner, asking relevant questions intended to keep you moving forward. In between coaching sessions, you will be responsible for doing assigned homework, journaling about any thoughts or activities related to your outcome and staying in touch with me about any questions or concerns that may arise.

  • I will give you 100% of my time and attention at every coaching session
  • I will hold your vision and see you as the magnificent person that you are
  • I will be open and honest with you if I see you doing anything to sabotage your progress
  • I will keep you focused on your goals and outcomes
  • I will treat you with respect
  • I will help you reach beyond where you have ever been before
  • I will show you and help you move past old programming that has kept you stuck
  • I will always work with your highest good in mind